Tequila Barrabas

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Tequila Barrabás
Initially, Mr. Contreras created Tequila Barrabás for family and special events of close friends. Soon the word spreads. Other people came to seek out the exceptional quality and excellent taste. He therefore thought to release it in the market.

Today's most desired tequila in Mexico and United States.

Mr. Victor Contreras began his interest in the world of tequila in 2000, after discovering that no drink exceeded the extraordinary drink, Tequila.

The idea to create an exceptional tequila thus has planted firmly in him. Indeed. It is necessary to appreciate and improve every detail in the production. From agave cultivation to the barrels the tequila is aged in, he carefully monitors every aspect in the process of Tequila Barrabás.

Being a serial entrepreneur. Mr. Contreras understands the importance of being surrounded by the best possible team. All distinguished tequila makers and tasters gather in one place to showcase the art of making tequila.

Tequila Barrabás keeps in essence the ancient tradition and cultural heritage of Mexico. 100% Blue Agave tequilana weber.

Utilizing the good soil of Agave, patience experts perfect the process every step of the way.

Its taste is framed by a blown glass crackle bottle of a numbered production, handmade by artisans in Tonala, Jalisco.